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    Nanofoil is a new nano–material and is made up of thousands of alternating nanoscale foils, which can be used in welding process. When nanofoil is applied in welding, firstly, the nanofoil is activated by a small energy pulse from electricity, light or heat sources, and then the temperature can be increased to about one thousand degrees in a fraction of a second. Compared with traditional welding methods, using nanofoil has many advantages in welding process. First, the whole system does not need to be heated and the welding process can be carried out at room temperature, which is conducive to saving resources. Second, nanofoil is able to weld together materials with different expansion coefficients, which can greatly expand the application range of welding technology. Thirdly, flux is not necessary during welding process. Therefore, no volatile matters are produced and the problem of residual flux does not exist, which can greatly improve the quality of welding products. Fourth, the voltage rate of the resulting weldment is low, usually less than 2%, which is very suitable for large area welding.

    An example of nanofoil-based welding joint configuration.Figure 1. An example of nanofoil-based welding joint configuration.


    • Electronic devices assembly field: Electronic products can be seen everywhere in our daily life, most of which are welded by various components. For example, the preparation of electronic devices includes the welding between the circuit board and the circuit board, between components and the circuit board and other components welding. Due to the advantages of room-temperature operation and stable properties, nanofoil has been widely used in electronic devices assembly field, including microwave devices, concentrated solar energy devices, LED devices, chips, radiators and the others.
    • Sputtering target bonding field: Nanofoil can be applied in sputtering target bonding field. Using nanofoil, the formed binder between target bonders and target manufacturers is reliable and repeatable. Furthermore, the entire operation process is simplified and the cost is low.
    • The others: Nanofoil also can be used in other fields, such as initiators of devices, Li storage materials and the others. When activated, nanofoil can generate a large amount of energy in a very short time, which is ideal for applied as an Initiator. As an Initiator, nanofoil can be used in heaters, igniters and delay detonators.

    Nanofoil applied in designing high performance Li storage materials.Figure 2. Nanofoil applied in designing high performance Li storage materials.


    Nanofoil is made up of thousands of nanoscale foils, which can be divided into many types depending on their composition. Nanofoil mainly includes ultra thin thorium nanofoil, ultra thin erbium nanofoil, cerium nanofoil, ultra thin aluminum nanofoil, ultra thin copper nanofoil, ultra thin nickel nanofoil and the others.


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