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    ITO-Coated Glass List

    ITO-coated glass is a kind of transparent and conductive glass, which is obtained by magnetron sputtering deposition film forming technology. ITO material is applied as sputtering target material and the glass is used as substrate. Generally, the thickness of the glass substrate is between 0.3 mm and 1.1 mm. ITO-coated glass has the characteristics of light weight, high transparency, high flatness, certain mechanical hardness and easy cutting and processing. The performance indexes of ITO-coated glass mainly include external size of substrate glass, surface resistance, light transmittance, film thickness, etching performance, reliability and the others. Furthermore, ITO-coated glass has good conductivity and light transmittance, which is suitable for making transparent display electrode.


    • Liquid crystal display (LCD) field: The main application of ITO-coated glass is in liquid crystal display (LCD) field, which is one of the three main materials used in the manufacture of LCD. The LCD display made of ITO-coated glass has the advantages of small size, thin thickness, light weight, low energy consumption, no pollution, no radiation, no influence of heat dissipation and the others. Moreover, LCD display is an energy-saving, clean and environment-friendly electronic material product and it is a true super flat display device.
    • An example of ITO-coated glass applied in liquid crystal display (LCD) field.Figure 1. An example of ITO-coated glass applied in liquid crystal display (LCD) field.

    • Solar cells field: The refractive index and electrical conductivity of ITO-coated glass are suitable for antireflection coating and photocurrent collection of silicon solar cells. Because of the transmittance to visible light and reflectance to infrared light, ITO-coated glass can be used as a selective transmittance film for effective utilization of solar energy in photothermal conversion and utilization, so as to effectively capture the heat energy into indoor or solar energy collector.
    • An example of ITO-coated glass applied in solar cells.Figure 2. An example of ITO-coated glass applied in solar cells.

    • The others: With the advantages of transparent and infrared reflection function, ITO-coated glass can be used in curtain walls of high buildings, which has good heat insulation and energy saving effect. In addition, taking the advantage of the microwave attenuation property of ITO-coated glass, it can be used to shield electromagnetic waves. Moreover, ITO-coated glass can also be used in anti-theft window, traffic tools and the others.


    According to the resistance, ITO-coated glass can be divided into high-resistance ITO-coated glass, ordinary ITO-coated glass and low-resistance ITO-coated glass.

    • High-resistance ITO-coated glass: The resistance of high-resistance ITO-coated glass is between 150 ohms and 500 ohms, which is generally used for electrostatic protection, touch screen production and the others.
    • Ordinary ITO-coated glass: The resistance of ordinary ITO-coated glass is between 60 ohms and 150 ohms, which is generally used for TN-type liquid crystal display, electronic anti-interference and the others.
    • Low-resistance ITO-coated glass: The resistance of low-resistance ITO-coated glass is less than 60 ohms, which is generally used for STN liquid crystal displays, transparent circuit boards and the others.


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