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    Alfa Chemistry provides you with a wide range of nanomaterials application services, including the analysis and characterization of nanotubes, and the analysis of pharmaceutical nanoparticles. We provide a complete set of analysis services to evaluate the structure and purity of single-walled carbon nanotubes. These comprehensive analysis services can help you optimize the structure and purity of your products, and help you verify the quality of your nanotubes. Our nanoparticle experts cover physical and chemical analysis expertise, and can provide comprehensive R&D or analysis capabilities in compliance with good manufacturing practices for particle or suspension nanosystems.

    Carbon Nanotube Analysis and Characterisation

    The quality of carbon nanotubes varies with production conditions, so carbon nanotube manufacturers need reliable data on structure and quality to optimize production and verify their products. Similarly, downstream users also need to ensure the quality of carbon nanotubes used in products. Alfa Chemistry scientists have professional chemical analysis technology and many years of analytical research experience, and can help customers analyze and characterize carbon nanotubes.

    Nanomaterial Application Services

    We use a variety of complementary technologies to verify the key structure and quality parameters of carbon nanotubes. Information from each technology helps to construct a comprehensive map of the structure and quality of nanotube samples.

    • Carbon nanotube quality (G/D ratio)
    • Semi-quantitative elemental analysis
    • Batch quantitative element analysis
    • Evaluation of tube length and diameter
    • Quantification of surface chemical modification
    • Assess total carbon content, purity and uniformity
    • Determination of the ratio of metal to semiconductor tube
    • Morphology and uniformity of semiconductors and metal tubes
    • Determination of electronic structure (sp2/sp3-carbon ratio)
    • Determination of residual catalyst and inorganic impurity particles
    • Relative amounts of nanotubes, graphite/soot and inorganic impurities
    • Evaluate the dispersion of single-walled carbon nanotubes in products

    Analysis of Nanoparticles in Pharmaceuticals

    Nanoparticles have been developed for a range of medical product applications, including drug delivery, controlled release systems, and medical devices. The analysis of drug nanoparticles can provide a wealth of information to help product development, especially for complex drug delivery technologies, formulations, or product characterization. Therefore, experienced analysts need to operate complex analytical techniques to provide reliable data and insights to support drug development activities.

    Alfa Chemistry provides customers with professional pharmaceutical nanoparticle analysis services to help you meet and exceed quality, safety and regulatory standards. The analysis techniques we use are as follows:

    Physical Characteristics

    Chemical Characteristics

    • Use EM and TEM to analyze particle size and morphology
    • Determination of particle size using light scattering technique or disc centrifugation
    • Zeta potential measurement of nanoparticle interaction
    • Measure surface area and porosity by BET isotherm
    • Powder X-ray diffraction crystal morphology
    • Controlled release laboratory investigations
    • Viscosity, solubility, etc.
    • Organic component analysis, for example using LC-MS/MS
    • Inorganic element analysis by ICP-MS, ICP-OES or SEM-EDX
    • Obtain chemical information through FTIR / Raman spectroscopy / NMR spectroscopy
    • Surface chemistry/surface analysis (Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF-SIMS), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)
    • Purity and impurities

    Nanomaterial Application Services

    Other Nanotechnology Services:

    • Bioanalysis of Nanoparticles
    • Biopolymers and bio nanoparticles
    • Aggregation behavior of particles in solution
    • Regulatory consulting for nanotechnology products
    • Nanoemulsion structure under a cryo-scanning electron microscope
    • Nanoparticles and nanoemulsions in dynamic light scattering (DLS) dispersion systems
    • Guidelines for addressing the potential health and environmental impacts of nanomaterials
    ※ Please kindly note that our services are for research use only.