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    Nanoscience research and development have been popular for more than two decades. From the automotive industry to aerospace, optics, pharmaceuticals, energy, etc., nanomaterials are used to improve product or system performance and help companies achieve product differentiation in the market.


    Over the years, Alfa Chemistry has provided critical design and manufacturing services to support the growing demand for nanoparticles in industrial applications. In fact, Alfa Chemistry's nanomaterials are being used by companies all over the world in various industries and products. We help you focus on product development, and we focus on accurately providing the nanomaterials you need according to your specifications to help speed up your R&D and commercialization process.

    From material design and product integration to amplification and manufacturing, we focus on providing you with the materials you need, so your team can focus on your product development. We provide you with more than ten years of experience in cooperating with industry customers to ensure the compatibility of nanomaterials with products or systems.

    Rapid innovation and integration

    When optimized or customized for specific products or applications, nanomaterials have been proven to provide unique advantages for products in various industries. Even when used at low concentrations, their ultra-small size and large surface area can bring enhanced reactivity and superior performance.

    Alfa Chemistry's solution-based approach allows us to quickly provide you with optimized candidate materials based on your specified product application, enabling you to establish a proof-of-concept and achieve faster commercialization. Our novel approach to nanomaterial design and scale-up enables our customers to easily gain expertise and apply the inherent advantages of adding nanomaterials to their products.


    The following table shows the different properties and functions that can be achieved or enhanced by incorporating nanomaterials into industrial products or applications.


    Iron oxide

    Zinc oxide









    Electrically conductive

    Flame retardant


    High refractive index

    Moisture absorbent





    UV absorbing/ protecting

    Water and/or dirt repelling

    Nanomaterials Real Solutions

    Alfa Chemistry serves many industries around the world, and the list of new applications and success stories continues to expand. Our wide range of nanomaterial products can solve challenges, overcome limitations and improve performance. Some of the markets we serve are listed below, but nanotechnology can bring benefits to almost any industry. Contact us to discuss your application.

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