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    Alfa Chemistry provides the design and synthesis of multi-purpose screening compounds to meet your precise screening requirements. We have expertise in designing and preparing multi-step targets ranging from milligrams to kilograms. Services include specifying the compound, quantity, format (dry/solid or DMSO), and the tubes, vials, or plates needed to replenish your compound handling system. We ensure high-quality standards and complete delivery on time. Generally, your inquiry will be resolved within 48 hours after receiving the request. We will promptly provide the approximate price and delivery time of the project.

    Design of New Syntheses

    Our synthesis services include but are not limited to the following:

    • X-ray crystallography service
    • Chiral synthesis and resolution
    • Modify or replace poorly performing steps in the composition
    • Design and synthesis of multi-purpose screening compounds
    • Development and verification of analytical methods
    • Enlargement of existing literature or synthesis provided by customers, custom manufacturing of large quantities of chemicals
    • Molecules include, but are not limited to, screening compounds, starting materials, building blocks, intermediates, or derivatives of lead compounds

    About the Conjugation of Nanoparticles

    Nanotechnology proposes unique methods to detect and regulate the diversity of biomedical processes that occur on the nanoscale, which will have a fundamental impact on biology and medicine. Alfa Chemistry can integrate these functions into nanoparticles to manipulate or detect biological structures and events.

    A series of unique properties of nanoparticles, such as surface chemistry, size and shape correlation, electronic and optical properties, have been proven to support various applications including drug and gene delivery.

    Targeted binding of antibodies and nanoparticles for the synthesis of multiple optical contrast agents with delivery and targeting moieties. (Kumar S, et al. 2008)Fig 1. Targeted binding of antibodies and nanoparticles for the synthesis of multiple optical contrast agents with delivery and targeting moieties. (Kumar S, et al. 2008)

    Alfa Chemistry provides customized synthesis of the conjugates of different functional groups and nanoparticles, develops their application fields, and provides them with new and improved properties. We attach a series of functional groups to nanoparticles through chemical or biological means, including low molecular weight ligands, peptides, proteins, polysaccharides, polyunsaturated and saturated fatty acids, DNA, plasmids, and RNA, which makes it an ideal choice for clinical applications.

    Our Advantages

    • We work in state-of-the-art laboratories, equipped with the latest technology and analytical instruments, and our scientists have extensive experience and infrastructure to make your project a success.
    • Our powerful screening platform has tens of thousands of unique compounds and probes from natural sources to adapt to different capacities and analyses. Each library can be screened individually or combined with other libraries, so that tailor-made methods can be used for HTS project requirements and the largest chemical space coverage to maximize the chance of finding a hit.
    • We also welcome customers to provide literature methods or their own synthetic routes, which specify all relevant information such as reaction time, solvent, temperature, analytical data, purification method, yield and so on. In the absence of technical data, we are still able to provide rough estimates after careful review of research papers.

    Customer Order Process

    Custom Synthesis


    1. Kumar S, et al. (2008). “Directional Conjugation of Antibodies to Nanoparticles for Synthesis of Multiplexed Optical Contrast Agents with Both Delivery and Targeting Moieties.” Nature Protocols. 3: 314-320.
    ※ Please kindly note that our services are for research use only.