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    Meet our Team

    At Alfa Chemistry, we strive to bring new ideas and solutions to our technologies and products, relying on our material experts to provide high-quality products and data to help the development of various industries.

    Alfa Chemistry's material science expert team provides products and services to many pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations through service organizations in North America, Europe and Asia. Our employees proudly support pioneering scientific research around the world to provide our customers with more professional protection.

    Please Join Us

    We create a good culture in which personal contributions are recognized, valued, and rewarded. Our company is committed to using everyone's expertise and encouraging outstanding innovation in various fields. We are always looking for talented new team members.

    • Business Professionals

      If you are good at communicating with people and have a strong professional background, please join us.

    • Scientific Experts

      Are you passionate about the field of nanomaterials? Join our team and put our customers on the road to success.

    • Experiment Experts

      Are you willing to solve technical problems? Help us develop innovative technologies and complete related projects.

    Welcome to Our Career Opportunities!

    Welcome to our employment zone. Here, you can view our positions and contact us online for a consultation.

    Growth and Development

    We are committed to rewarding, developing, and retaining talents. Starting from the first day, our new employee induction training program will welcome new employees and teach them the basics of the business.

    We recognize that every employee is different. Career guidance can help employees build their own advantages, formulate personalized development plans, and determine potential career paths, so as to maximize their talents and provide considerable growth.

    We connect talents and opportunities by providing education and vocational training. Employees can get opportunities for continuous learning at work.

    Equal Opportunity Employer

    We do not consider race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability/disability status or any other characteristics protected by law when we evaluate qualified applicants.