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    Diamond is an excellent material with high hardness, good thermal conductivity, high wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, which is difficult to be replaced by other materials. In addition, nanotechnology has become one of the important high technology fields, which is taken seriously by various countries. Diamond nanomaterials combine diamond material and nanotechnology, which has the advantages of both. Diamond nanomaterials have many unique advantages, including regular morphology, low Debye temperature. Furthermore, diamond nanomaterials are rich in functional groups and easy to combine with molecules. Therefore, diamond nanomaterial is seen as one of the most promising materials in the 21st century.

    Examples of diamond nanomaterials structure.Figure 1. Examples of diamond nanomaterials structure.


    • Electroplating and composite plating field: Diamond nanomaterials can be used in electroplating and composite plating field. As an additive component, diamond nanomaterials can be used for chromium, copper, zinc, tin, silver, gold, nickel electroplating and composite plating and anodic oxidation of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Moreover, the quality of the coating obtained is obviously improved compared with that without diamond nanomaterials.
    • Ultra-precision polishing field: Diamond nanomaterials are added to the polishing fluid, which can be used for ultra-precision polishing of electronic components, optical components, mechanical components and the others. In addition, this system has high stability and low surface roughness. The chemical stability of diamond nanomaterials makes it convenient to use chemical active additives and recycle the polishing system itself. Moreover, the material loss of the surface is reduced. Furthermore, due to the ion exchange and adsorption properties of diamond nanomaterials, dropped ions and molecular products can be attached to the surface of diamond nanomaterials and removed, which can ensure the cleaning of the surface.
    • Lubrication medium field: With the advantages of special morphology and high hardness, diamond nanomaterials can be used as additives for metal lubricants, playing a very good anti-wear and anti-friction effect.
    • The others: Diamond nanomaterials are also widely used in other fields, such as catalysis, composite materials, biology, medicine and the others.

    An example of diamond structure applied in catalysis field.Figure 2. An example of diamond structure applied in catalysis field.


    According to the morphology, diamond nanomaterials can be divided into diamond nanofilm, diamond nanoparticles and diamond nanowires.

    • Diamond nanofilm: Diamond nanofilm has many advantages including high hardness, high elastic modulus, excellent wear resistance, good chemical stability, excellent surface properties and the others. Among them, the excellent surface properties are the characteristics of diamond nanofilm.
    • Diamond nanoparticles: Diamond nanoparticle is an important functional material with excellent properties such as super-hard property, excellent chemical stability, good thermal conductivity and biocompatibility. Diamond nanoparticles have important potential applications in many fields, including ultra-precision polishing, composite plating process, field emission materials, stealth materials, lubricating oil, coatings, medical treatment and the others.
    • Diamond nanowire: Diamond nanowires are one-dimensional nanomaterials and the structure of this type materials is special.


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