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    Hydroxyapatite (HA) is a naturally occurring mineral form of calcium apatite comprising of about 65% of the weight of the bone. It is composed of calcium (Ca2+), phosphate (PO43-) and hydroxide (OH-) ions, and its crystal structure is hexagonal lattice. Due to its excellent biocompatibility, bioactivity and osteoconductivity, HA has been widely used.


    Because HA is chemically and structurally similar to the mineral phase of natural bone and teeth, it mainly has the following properties:

    • Biocompatibility: HA has excellent biocompatibility, which means that it does not cause adverse immune responses in medical applications. This property makes it ideal for implants, tissue engineering and drug delivery systems.
    • Bioactivity: HA has excellent bioactivity. When HA comes into contact with body fluids, it forms a chemical bond with surrounding bone or tissue, promoting tissue integration and regeneration.
    • Osteoconductivity: HA has good osteoconductivity, which can support and promote the adhesion and growth of bone cells. This property is critical for bone tissue engineering.


    The main applications of HA are shown below.

    • Dental applications: HA is used in toothpastes and dental restorations. In toothpaste, it helps to strengthen tooth enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity. In restorative dentistry, hydroxyapatite-based materials are used as dental implants, fillings and coatings.
    • Orthopedic applications: HA coatings can be used in orthopedic implants such as hip and knee prostheses to enhance bone integration and reduce the risk of implant rejection. This helps to speed up the healing rate and bring better therapeutic effects to patients.
    • Tissue engineering: HA has been used as a scaffold material in tissue engineering to support the growth of bone and cartilage tissue. It provides a favorable substrate for cell attachment, proliferation and differentiation.
    • Drug carrier: HA can also be used as a drug carrier. HA has excellent properties such as biocompatibility and the ability to adsorb various chemicals, so it can be used for the sustained release of drugs or other biomolecules.

    The main applications of HA are shown below.

    Our Products

    Alfa Chemistry is a global manufacturer of high-quality HA. We provide you with different specifications of HA. If you need, please contact us immediately.

    Catalog NumberProduct NameAverage Particle SizePurityInquiry
    ACM1306065-7Hydroxyapatite Powder200 nm≥ 95%Inquiry
    ACM1306065-9Hydroxyapatite, Spherical-like2um96%Inquiry
    ACM1306065-10Hydroxyapatite, Spherical-like200nm95%Inquiry
    ACM1306065-11Hydroxyapatite, Needle-shaped60nm96%Inquiry
    ACM1306065-12Hydroxyapatite, Needle-shaped40nm96%Inquiry
    ACM1306065-13Hydroxyapatite, Needle-shaped20nm97.5%Inquiry
    ACM1306065-14Hydroxyapatite, Needle-shaped20nm99%Inquiry
    ACM1306065-15Hydroxyapatite, Short Rod-shaped20nm99%Inquiry
    ACM1306065-16Hydroxyapatite, Spherical80um96%Inquiry
    ACM1306065-17Hydroxyapatite, Spherical15um(≤30um)Inquiry
    ACM1306065-18Hydroxyapatite, Spherical50um(30-80um)Inquiry
    ACM1306065-19Hydroxyapatite, Spherical100um(≥80um)Inquiry
    ACM1306065-20Hydroxyapatite, Spherical200umInquiry
    ACM1306065-21Hydroxyapatite, Spherical25-45umInquiry
    ACM1306065-22Hydroxyapatite, Spherical1-3mmInquiry
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